St. Alban's Episcopal Church

We Are Christ-centered: Radically Embracing People and Creation

Made up of about 150 individuals, the St. Alban’s congregation welcomes people of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, shapes and sizes. Everyone is welcome at our worship services; diversity can be found in many different ways. It is known for its joyful worship, good fellowship, inter-generational formation of Christians, and service to the community, as well as for hosting eight weekly 12-step groups, Healthy Families, and other groups or clubs. The vegetable and flower garden and outdoor labyrinth are open to the wider community.  

St. Alban’s was founded in 1960 as an outreach chapel of St. Peter’s Church, Salisbury. It became independent several years later and in 1971 became the first congregation in the diocese in 100 years to attain parish status.

In 1992 the parish hall, the rector’s office, and the choir room were dedicated after a renovation and expansion. We added a sound system and air conditioning to the nave in 2000, and made extensive renovations in 2009, which involved asbestos removal and air conditioning the remainder of the building.

Our most recent addition is an array of 90 solar panels, a visible sign of our commitment to caring for God's creation.