What do you think Stewardship means?

We believe in sharing the blessings God has given to each of us.  We share the abundance of spirit that is present whenever we gather in worship or fellowship.  We share the talents God has given to each of us to make the world a better place to live.  We also share our financial resources to help sustain our parish and provide help to others in our community.  All of these are what Stewardship means at Saint Alban’s.

Financial giving so we can do all of God's work above is paramount to any Parish.  Your pledge to Saint Alban’s is critical to the work of our Parish.  Below are a few things to keep in mind when you are asked to pledge.

1.  Give what you can, and give it cheerfully – the point isn't the amount of your annual pledge to St. Alban's, but the attitude with which it is made. Responsible and disciplined financial stewardship – giving back to God a portion of what God has given us – is critical to spiritual health. Give freely, bountifully to God's work through the work of our parish, and we will all reap bountifully – internally, in running the parish, and externally in our many important outreach ministries.

2.  Proportionate giving, in which one starts by pledging some percentage of one's annual pre-tax income and then increasing that percentage in subsequent years, makes it easy to become a "cheerful giver" and to begin to let go of the hold that the "love of money" has on all of us. An accompanying chart shows how to begin.

3.  St. Alban's members are generous givers.  They are clearly moved by the Spirit to help those in need and promote justice for all.  The costs of running the church and its ministries however, increases each year and requires our church to ask most years for an increase in your pledge to help meet these ever increasing expenses.

4.  Pledges can be made weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. The pledging process is simple, with individual pledge amounts kept confidential; tax statements are issued to those who wish to deduct their pledge contributions from their taxable income.  WeShare further helps with the pledging and giving process. 

5.  "Give until it feels good!" Just knowing what can be accomplished by giving to his or her ability is such a good feeling.

Stewardship also includes all the other ways we give such as by our skills and talents as well as by other forms of financial support to the church such as giving to the endowment fund.

Your financial support is paramount to our church’s health as well as carrying out its ministries.

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