Our History

1960 -

St. Alban's was founded in 1960 as a mission church of Salisbury Parish (St. Peter's Church) and later became the first new mission in over a century within the Diocese of Easton to achieve Parish status. The first services at St. Alban's Chapel were celebrated on September 11, 1960, and St. Alban’s first Vicar was the Reverend William Truitt who served until July 23, 1961. The second Vicar was the Reverend Guy Butler who began his ministry on August 6, 1961. The Reverend Charles Mason, who remained with St. Alban's for 10 years, was ordained a priest on February 4, 1967 at St. Alban's. He first assumed charge of the Chapel earlier, on June 5, 1966. 

1971 -

St. Alban's Chapel became St. Alban's Parish on November 6, 1971 at the 103rd Annual Convention of the Diocese of Easton - 11 years after its founding as a parochial mission church. Father Mason became the first Rector of St. Alban's Episcopal Church and Parish. Members of the Chapel Committee at that time became the first Vestry of the Parish. After Father Mason accepted a call from another parish, the Reverend Joseph M. Clark became the second Rector of St. Alban’s in August 1977. On September 22, 1985, St. Alban's celebrated its 25th anniversary. Soon after, Father Clark announced his resignation after a nine-year tenure at St. Alban's.

1987 -

The Rev. Dr. M. Douglas Girardeau and his wife Ellen arrived in the fall of 1987. He nurtured the development of a strong lay ministry, emphasizing the ministry of all believers as vital to the life of the church. With membership richly blessed with spiritual gifts and talents in many areas, parishioners became leaders both within the congregation and in the diocese. In 1993 Deacon Reese Rickards began his invaluable service to St. Alban’s in worship and all parish activities, along with his duties at the diocesan level. Fr. Girardeau and Deacon Rickards retired together in the spring of 2000.

2002 -

St. Alban’s called the Rev. Frieda L. Malcolm as its fourth rector in 2002. During her tenure our parish continued to grow in stability and she also earned her Doctor of Ministry degree. Our social justice, outreach programs to the community and servant ministries flourished. Frieda also led us to an awareness of creation care​. Solar panels were installed as we aspired to become a “Green Church.” Vestry meetings became organized around parish goals and mission, and vestry members became accountable for their areas of concentration. Outreach to the community and social justice ministries grew. Frieda repeatedly served as a delegate to the TEC General Convention. She retired in June 2019.

A tradition of music as an essential part of the liturgy was firmly established when St. Alban’s operated as a Chapel and continues to the present day. A fine pipe organ was built in 1969. The spacious Parish Hall, Rector’s office, and the choir room were dedicated in 1992 as part of a major renovation and expansion that significantly increased St. Alban’s physical space. A sound system and air conditioning were added to the nave in 2000. Reconfiguration of our worship space occurred in 1998, facilitating a front facing altar and flexibility in offering communion. Additional renovations were completed in 2009. The digital organ enhancement of our existing pipe organ was accomplished in 2018. The chancel area was improved again in 2019 when more steps were eliminated when the ciborium floor was replaced. 


One of the most dramatic physical improvements since construction of the original Chapel is the array of 90 solar panels on the northern side of the church property, a visible sign of St. Alban’s commitment to sustainability and care of God's creation.