Community Garden

The St. Alban’s Church property is a large parcel, almost five acres. The footprint for the building complex, pathways, labyrinth, and parking lot utilizes about one third of that land area. In response to congregation suggestions about potential use of remaining available open space, and in concert with related landscaping and tree-planting initiatives, the Vestry approved creation of a large Community Garden in 2009.

Although the modest initial size of the garden - nine 10’ by 10’ plots - has increased over the last ten years, the intended purpose has remained constant: to share the St. Alban’s resources with the local community at large, including nearby apartment dwellers. Community and Church members have adopted individual plots and enjoyed success growing a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers, including tomatoes, beans, okra, cucumbers, peppers, basil, dill and zinnias.

The plots are in full sun and have good draining, sandy soil typical of the region. Gardeners bring their own tools and supplies, but water is available from Church sources. In response to St. Alban’s care of creation and sustainability priorities, a new rain capture system using a large cistern will be installed in 2020 to supply garden and landscape needs. Gardeners are requested to grow organically and to keep their plots well-maintained and the paths between them in good condition. Plans for Community Garden expansion are under way.