Resource Sharing

Part of St. Alban’s robust community outreach is sharing our facilities. Not only do we have a large Community Garden and Labyrinth available to the public, St. Alban’s has a long history and an active current calendar of frequent use by external organizations. We have always believed that the Church building and grounds should be available as a means for St. Alban’s to serve the community and for the community to learn more about us. For these reasons, St. Alban’s opens its Parish Hall doors to many organizations. The needs of the community change continuously, and the programs below do not comprise the entire roster of organizations hosted by St. Alban’s.

12-Step Groups

Support groups and 12-Step programs are integral parts of the process of recovery from substance abuse for many people around the world. St. Alban’s embraces this care of creation mission to help people remain sober and clean and hosts multiple Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Groups and one Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Group five days a week. These groups are autonomous. AA and NA are free. The only requirement to participate is a desire to stop using.

Al-Anon is another 12-Step Group meeting regularly at St. Alban’s for people who are actively coping with a family member or a loved one who has a drinking problem.

Wicomico County Health Department

Healthy Families

The Wicomico County Health Department “Healthy Families” program meets at St. Alban’s quarterly for training and special events. Healthy Families Wicomico is a volunteer, evidence-based home visiting program modeled after a renowned national initiative: Healthy Families America (HFA) that promotes health, learning and development in young children. Healthy Families Wicomico has been accredited and meets the standards for Home Visitation Services, as established by HFA. Click this link for more information.

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