St. Alban's Bakery

St Albans Bakery

St. Alban’s has benefited from a church bakery since 2007 as a result of dedicated parishioners who have brought their bread making skills into the St. Alban’s kitchen. Every few weeks these parishioners get together early on Sunday morning to make beautiful loaves of bread. The fresh-from-the-oven, whole loaves, which vary in bread type according to the vision of the makers, are sold to parishioners and visitors during the Coffee Hours that follow the worship services those Sundays.

Formation of St. Alban’s bread baking ministry arose from prior candy-making endeavors. Years ago, an enthusiastic group of candy makers produced Easter egg candy for sale in order to fund outreach support. This group used their own home stand-mixers, which often burned out from the strain of the task. After one of the candy makers became gravely ill but then recovered, she and her husband donated a commercial mixer to the church in thanksgiving for her recovery. That invaluable piece of kitchen equipment, initially intended for use for candy making, now serves as the backbone of the St. Alban’s Bakery, along with the kitchen’s large commercial ovens.

The baking of bread is a distinctive aspect of St. Alban’s church life, one that infuses the Parish Hall with nurturing aromas on bread Sundays. The profits are used to support the church. The bread baking promotes fellowship among the bakers, offers fresh bread to church goers, adds a delightful dimension to worship services. And modestly helps the annual budget.