People & Hospitality

Taking care of one another is important to the people at St. Alban's. We also believe that pastoral care is not the sole responsibility of the Rector. Members welcome visitors each Sunday before services, during the passing of the peace and during Coffee Hours after every service.

Our visitor’s registry is actively used so that we can provide follow-up by sending visitors a ‘Welcome Back’ mailing containing information about the church and a certificate for a free loaf of bread from the St. Alban’s Bakery. We also host Newcomer’s Dinners periodically throughout the year in parishioner homes that allow new and potential members to become acquainted with members of the congregation.

Coffee Hours are an important aspect of our worship and fellowship. Each week, a different parish family or team of people offers worshipers an abundant continental breakfast or cold brunch after services. During the service offertory, as oblations from the congregation, these individuals present the acolyte with the paten and ciborium holding the bread and wafers that are used in the Eucharist.

St. Alban’s has a very active Fellowship Committee who meet twice yearly to plan and volunteer to host social engagement events for the parish. The goal is a variety of inter-generational activities at least once a month, often outside the church setting. These include Advent and Lenten lunches in the parish hall, greening of the church at Christmas, forums on different topics, an outdoor summer service, picnics and group dinners in favorite restaurants. For the last 10 years, as part of our annual Fall Fest fundraising effort, the people of St. Alban’s have offered for purchase parties and dinners hosted in their homes. These unique social events are meaningful in terms of both purpose and parish fellowship.

Are you interested in helping?