Stewardship is sharing the abundance of spirit that is present when we gather in worship and fellowship. It is sharing the talents and resources God has given us to make the world a better place. At St. Alban’s we generously share our financial resources to sustain our parish home, support the needs of our members and provide meaningful help to others in our community. All of these are what Stewardship means at Saint Alban’s.

St. Alban's members are clearly moved to help those in need and promote justice for all, not just support our own church. Please understand that your financial giving can make a big difference in what St. Alban’s is able to accomplish. The costs of running a church and its ministries are not widely understood. Please also keep in mind a few other things as you consider a financial gift or pledge.

  • Give what you can, cheerfully. The spirit of giving is just as important as the amount of any gift or pledge. Responsible and disciplined financial stewardship – giving back a portion of what God has given us – is critical to everyone’s spiritual health.
  • Proportionate giving is pledging some percentage of your annual income
    and then increasing that percentage in subsequent years. Proportionate giving enables cheerful giving and recognizes the reality of St. Alban’s steadily increasing costs and expenses.
  • Giving is a private matter that you control. All contributions are kept confidential. The pledging process is simple, and pledges can be made weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • Giving to St. Alban’s is tax deductible. Tax statements are issued so that your charitable contributions to St. Alban’s can offset your taxable income. Our secure Online service provider, WeShare, makes the pledging and giving process easy and provides individualized annual accounting reports of all charitable giving to St. Alban’s.

Financial support is essential to St. Alban’s mission and ministries. You can make a difference. Please click here to Give Online.

Financial Giving/Support/Donations can also be sent by mail to our mailing Address:
St. Alban's Episcopal Church
P.O. Box 1511
Salisbury, MD 21802


St. Alban's Endowment Fund

Just like the squirrel saving nuts for the long winter,  St. Alban’s Endowment Fund saves its fund for the future.  Luckily, we don’t put it in a tree but instead we use the Easton Episcopal Funds to keep it safe!

With a strong principal, the Endowment fund ensures the continuity of our church and, in the future, it could help support some worthy causes.

How can you contribute?

  • Make a gift
  • Put us in your will
  • Donate in memory of someone
  • Give from your life insurance
  • Give from your 401K or retirement fund to reduce the burden to your beneficiaries

The Endowment Fund Committee does not solicit individuals but wants you to know that this fund is another option to continue to support St. Alban’s.

If you want to learn more, please contact the front office at 410-742-6595 and they will put you in touch with someone from the St. Alban’s Endowment Fund Committee.

Give Online

You can make a difference...