Altar servers are often called acolytes in The Episcopal Church. They lead the procession and recession at the beginning and end of the worship services and assist the celebrant – priest, deacon or Eucharistic minister - set up and clean up at the altar during the service. Although acolyte tasks vary according to the style of service at each church, at St. Alban’s acolyte duties typically include carrying the processional cross (Crucifer), lighting and carrying candles or "torches" (Torchbearer), assisting the priest with the sacraments (bread and wine), handing the offering plates to ushers and other tasks that enable smooth delivery of the service.

All acolytes receive training from the Acolyte Leader. At St. Alban’s anyone who is 8 years or older is welcome to participate in worship services as an acolyte. If you are interested, please contact Kim O'Grady at or leave a message at the church.